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The FTC collects data related to various aspects of its mission and work, and shares that data in different formats and at different levels of frequency. This page links to visualizations, reports, API endpoints, and datasets.

Consumer Protection Data and Visualizations

The FTC collects reports from consumers about fraud, identity theft, and other consumer problems. These reports are stored in the Consumer Sentinel Network (“Sentinel”) database. Annual and quarterly Sentinel data is available for exploration on the FTC’s interactive dashboards, and is also released annually in the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book. The FTC encourages use of the data to advance consumer education, research, and the development of solutions to address marketplace problems.

New in 2019: With the release of the annual Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book on February 28, the FTC has expanded and enhanced the collection of interactive Sentinel dashboards available to the public. We’ve improved on last year’s static annual data book website by creating interactive dashboards with maps, charts, and data. Users can now more readily spot trends over time and explore identity theft data in greater depth. All dashboards have been updated to include reporting data for the fourth quarter of 2018. Dashboards are now organized into three topic groupings: The Big View – All Sentinel Reports; Fraud Reports; and Identity Theft Reports.

Selected topics based on trends seen in the Sentinel data are explored in greater depth in the Consumer Protection Data Spotlight.

Consumer Protection Data Spotlight

Older adults hardest hit by tech support scams

If the mere thought of your computer being hacked frightens you, you’re not alone. And tech support scammers know how to exploit that fear to their own advantage.

Interactive Dashboards

Visit the FTC’s Tableau Public landing page to explore aggregate statistics about fraud, identity theft, and other consumer problems, or select from the sampling of dashboards below to go directly to an area of interest. See the Data Guide for more information. Each dashboard has tabs across the top that enable you to drill down into reports and data. All dashboards enable you to download data, create PDFs or images of pages, and export slides.

Annual Reports

The FTC releases annual data based on reports provided by the public. Reports of fraud, identity theft and other consumer problems are reported in the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book. Reports of unwanted phone calls are reported in the Do Not Call Data Book.

Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book
Do Not Call Data Book

API (application programming interface)

The FTC strives to make its data available in machine-readable formats. It currently makes its HSR Early Termination Notices, related to mergers and acquisitions and released most weekdays, available via an API endpoint.

Data Sets

The FTC makes a variety of data sets related to competition and consumer protection available on an annual basis. It also publishes numbers of unwanted phone calls reported by consumers to on a daily basis.

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